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Strongly Typed Source and Destination Messages

I am a firm believer that vendors should provide specifications that are relevant to the interfaces they support. I am a realist though and I understand that this is rarely the case. Depending on the integration tool you are using it can be easy or a challenge to create specifications from example messages from source systems. Fortunately, the Orion Health Rhapsody interface engine that I am familiar with makes this relatively easy. We start with a standard definition that the vendor says they support and then use messages from the system with the tool provided to make changes to the specification to reflect reality. These specifications are then used to validate message as they are received into the engine and later on as input specification to mapping components. Validation is done in the publisher portion of the interface. A publisher is a set of interface engine artifacts that take each message off the transport medium and make them available for validation and distribution. Distribution is done through a Rhapsody component called an ‘Error Redirector’. The name is unfortunate as this component acts like a queue that allows messages placed on it to be delivered to multiple destinations.

Destination systems that do not provide specifications are more difficult to handle. Typically, vendors say we can “take whatever you send us”. I have learned to hate that phrase and it is a sign of trouble to come.

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