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Code reuse and generic solutions in Rhapsody

The only code reuse that is supported by Rhapsody other then S3D libraries is the cut and paste kind. So whenever possible subscription routes in Rhapsody need to be as generic as possible configured by message properties or message content.

Sending out emails to notify end users of messages that are missing content or the content is invalid is a common task when validating messages. So are notifications of consults request via email or printouts. To generalize these we created a generic email subscription route and a generic printer route to service these types of requirements.

These generic solutions use as an input an XML document. Email address to and from, subject line, and body are all contained in the XML document. The email body contains a header and label/value tabular format. The printer XML document contains the print server and printer information as well as a header, label/value tabular body and footer.

With these generic solutions, we can use them directly by filling in the XML document contents via a map filter or a JavaScript filter. Alternatively, if a business requirement dictates a subscriber route can be designed to specialize it. For instance taking as input an HL7 message and extracting data to fill into the XML document to meet some specialized format.

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