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Rhapsody’s Symphonia Tool set lesson relearned.

I recently relearned that the special and escaped characters in Symphonia are represented by multiple characters. Some examples are (“”) for null, (\X0D\) for carriage return and (\T\) for ampersand. These are what are displayed when you view a message. However, these character sequences are not what should be tested against in the code. For instance in code the character sequence (“”) is represented by the type null and (\X0D) is represented by “\r”. So when writing tests for special and escaped characters you need to use the represented value not the character sequence that is displayed. There is a table of these values for each message set. This table can be viewed by looking at the properties of that message set in its message definition.

In a related issue, you may actually want to have one of these special or escaped characters sent as is in a message without it being converted to the appropriate character sequence. You can accomplish this in Symphonia by defining a new primitive type using the Symphonia->Primitive Types menu option. Once the option has been chosen you can add a new type say “AllowAmpersands” set its base type to String click on the “Separators” column for the new type that by default says “No separators allowed” and when the choices appear click on the “Field3” choice box. Field3 is the field in the message set properties table for the ampersand separator. Now your custom type can be used anywhere as a data type for a field, component or subcomponent that needs to have a “&” in the message without causing the message to fail validation.

There is a lot of functionality in the Symphonia toolsets that are available for use by interface developers. As in the case of all tools, make sure that you and your team members have developed a shared understanding of how these tools will be used in your environment.

  1. August 15, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    I can’t believe I found your blog!!!! I’m working with Rhapsody and I’m so confused…I have so many questions and no one seems to know how to answer any of them. I’d totally paid you if you could “tutor” me … I see you have been on since last year and hopefully you’re still around and I could chat with you.


    • November 18, 2013 at 3:10 pm

      Did you find what you needed and get your questions answered?

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