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Off topic – Starting new Career

Recently I retired from my position at Ministry Health Care as part of a future-sizing event. I was contacted by a vendor that we had an excellent relationship with. It was suggested that I might want to considering becoming a contractor to keep from being bored. So here I am with my first contract looking forward to what lies ahead.

Almost the end of the first week and frankly things are not going as well as I expected. Client is not ready so no billable hours this week.

As an update two weeks plus to signing the contract I still had minimal billable hours because the client is not ready. After discussing the situation with the contracting company we mutually agreed to dissolve the contract.

A couple of key lessons were learned. Get everything in writing and as detailed as you can as to what constitutes billable hours and how many billable hours there will be per week. Thankfully my retirement does not require me to work so no financial harm was incurred.

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